How to use the website?

'Register' giving a 'Username', 'email address' and 'Password' then use these to 'Login'.
You will then be able to search on attributes of the 4,000+ SSSIs in England together with a database of organisms and habitats.

Key What it does
Map Goes straight to the map in the centre of England. Move the map around and SSSIs within two kilometres of the centre of the map are outlined in red. Hover the cursor over such an area and it goes yellow and the site's name and description is shown. Clicking on the blue scientific name will do a Google search for it and show the results in a new page.
Clicking on the central bullseye will find the ten nearest site bounderies. The limits of the map are 49 to 56 degrees North and -7 (West) to 2 (East).
Within the map are controls in the top left and right, that can extend your environmental research powers.
Search Quickly find what you want by i) an SSSI site name, ii) a term or word in the SSSI's description, or iii) a geographical coordinate.
Database Search for, i) plants found in different habitats, ii) mosses and liverworts (bryophytes) found in different habitats, iii) marine algae by its form, iv) a general list of the organisms in the database, and v) the habitats wherein to find a particular plant.
Overview of the map screen